The Financial Planning For Life System

Practical Planning Because it’s Personal

Our clients trust us to do more than provide a report of their financial standing – they trust us to look out for their best interests, and to help them understand what all those numbers actually mean. Instead of a complicated document, you’ll walk out of our office with a relationship with someone you can trust to care for your financial well-being.

Practical Planning Because it’s Flexible

The FPFL planning system allows us to take into account not only your financial needs, but your personal goals as well. The plan’s flexibility ensures that the outcome is totally customized to you, and that we can adapt it as changes occur in your life.

Practical Planning Because it’s Focused On Your Success 

Rogan & Associates is truly independent, and therefore able to recommend whatever strategies are exactly right for your needs. Our clients trust us to care for their money as carefully as we do our own, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We succeed as you succeed, so you can be sure that our goals are your goals.

Financial Planning for Your Life

Rogan & Associates creates financial plans that are designed to grow and change with your life. By building personal relationships with our clients, we help them reach the goals they have today, help them manage the surprises that may come tomorrow, and strive to keep them on course to achieving their life goals.

With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve learned that financial planning is most successful for our clients when it’s easy to manage and practical to apply. Keeping that in mind, we work to help our clients achieve the one goal they all have in common –  financial peace of mind.

Practical Planning for Your Goals

The Financial Planning for Life™ (FPFL) Process helps individuals and families, with the help of a caring, competent financial planner, create a complete plan for the creation, maintenance, and protection of their wealth. Through this process, clients are asked simple but important questions about their needs and goals for their life and wealth.

Once the plan is created, the client, the planner, and other professions (such as CPAs, attorneys, etc.) form a team  to ensure the proper execution of the plan – not just at the outset, but for years to come.

Remember, this is a consultative process, not a sales process. Proper financial planning never involves urgency, pressure, or fear-mongering. Proper planning does help increase your odds of long-term financial success, while helping to decrease your worries and fears.